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Urban Collective is an innovative and forward-thinking salon based in San Angelo, Texas, specializing in fine hair luxury extensions, customized color, and additional high-end salon services.

We also specialize in fine hair extension education for extension specialists that are looking to become experts in the craft or expand their knowledge base to serve more clients with fine hair. Learn more about our story below.


At Urban Collective, our mission is to facilitate an environment where our guests feel like they've been transported from West Texas to a luxury salon on the West Coast. Here you will find professionals who love their careers, the earth, connecting with incredible people, and are passionate about providing an elevated experience to each and every one of our guests. We use our gifts to ensure each guest leaves the salon feeling amazing.


Each professional at Urban Collective has their own unique specialties and many of our guests enjoy the convenience of booking services with all members of our team.


We are passionate about helping others elevate their confidence, feel fierce, and accentuate their natural beauty. We want to provide you with the tools you need to feel confident in your hair and with yourself. Our team can't wait to welcome you into your new salon home. 

Urban Collective owner Kim Gilbert


I started specializing in fine hair extensions after I went through my own horror story of extreme hair loss because of bad extensions. In 2020 I lost 2 Venti cups of hair within 4 months. It completely wrecked my confidence and scared me... but I still couldn't go without having them in. I found an artist who would take my direction in customizing the installation to my fine hair and committed to babying my natural hair. Less than 3 years later my hair loss journey has become what launched my educator journey and fuels me to continue creating results for people who are beginning on the journey that I am still recovering from.


My salon journey isn't all that different. After managing a corporate salon for 4+ years I was burnt out and tired of not being in control of my own life. I booth rented at a salon that I thought would give my clients the luxury experience I had been dreaming of facilitating.


Once I was actually in that space I realized that the energy was not conducive to what I had imagined, to say the least. I was part of a virtual group coaching program at the time and surrounded by like-minded women online that encouraged me to dream big and follow my heart. I wanted to have that same experience in person within my community, but no salons existed at the time that vibed like that, and I knew that I could be the one to create that.

urban collective wooden sign
urban collective stylists


A big factor was how traditional the local salons were (and still are). As a big thinker and adventurer, I was taking classes on the West Coast and ready to bring fresh, new, modern concepts and techniques to my small town. I finally launched my own salon in order to facilitate the community that I knew was out there for me. Urban Collective was born from a desire to bring modern hair care and extension concepts to the roots of West Texas and it now is the container for bringing new and innovative hair care + styling concepts to the beauty industry at large. For such a large impact, you would think that UC would be a 20+ chair salon that is busy and buzzing with energy all the time, but on the contrary, Urban Collective is a small, intimate space that facilitates genuine belonging and wholehearted connections. It is a space where we hold space for our clients and each other. It is not just a salon, it is a container for healing and restoration so that we can go back into the world more whole and confident within ourselves than when we arrived. UC is a safe space— all are welcome here.

At Urban Collective, we want to create the best possible experience for each of our guests— because we know how valuable (and rare) that precious, self-care time to ourselves can be. When you walk into our salon, we hope that you feel like you've been transported to a luxurious salon on the West Coast.

We have a beverage station, a lounge, and we want to make you feel cozy, relaxed, and right at home in our stylist's chair while you take time for yourself. In order to truly create a relaxing and tranquil experience for all of our guests, we have intentionally chosen to be a child-free salon. We ask that you please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment, including children. We thank you for your understanding and we are looking forward to seeing you and taking care of you in our salon!


woman installing hair extensions
certified greencircle salons logo


The beauty industry sends 877 pounds of waste to the landfill every single minute. That's why we joined the movement to do our part!  We love Mother Earth and all its inhabitants which is why we are committed to taking impactful action in protecting her and all living beings. We are proud to be a Certified Green Circle Salon, recycling everything we use each day; hair, plastics, metals, excess color, and lightener, foils, even PPE supplies! We're on a mission to create beauty, not waste.

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