Meet Kim

Hey Babe! My name is Kim and I am so glad that you’re here. I am super passionate about giving ladies with Fine Hair the look that they have always dreamed about through Luxury Extensions. I truly believe that confidence comes from within. Luxury Extensions are just the cherry on top that projects how you feel internally, so the world can see you for who you truly are. 


As a Fine Hair Specialist, I am committed to making sure that what we do in the salon is promoting your natural hair growth and helping you recover from any previous hair extension damage. If you don’t have fine hair, you won’t get this… and that’s ok! When you have fine hair it literally feels like you’re the ONLY ONE. It absolutely affects us on a psychological level. Once you have had a bad experience with hair extensions it just makes it that much worse! (speaking from personal experience, check out my IG to follow along with my recovery journey)


This is exactly why I do what I do. I know how it feels to trust someone with the little hair that you DO have, and then lose hand-fulls of it at the next appointment and have an all out meltdown, feel completely lost, not know what to do… and then have the stylist put them back in because you feel naked without the extensions. 


I do believe that it is possible to recover from extension damage WHILE wearing hair extensions (I am on the same journey right now!) but in order to do that you have to see someone who is an expert at their craft and specializes in fine hair. 


I have curated every aspect of your salon experience in order to do exactly this. From the methods that I use to install to the hair that I use… everything was chosen with you in mind and tailored specifically to you. 


I am salon owner and multi location stylist taking clients at my home salon in San Angelo, Tx and serving clients in Austin, Tx. Each of these provides a super exclusive, unique experience. Urban Collective is what we call a boutique salon where we each have private rooms and run our businesses independently, while also supporting each other with the most beautiful sisterhood imaginable. It is truly my happy place and I love working in my studio. 


I recently decided to launch the Austin experience because no one in ATX is doing what I do in the way that I do it. There is an entire group of women who are wanting the level of experience that I provide who do not feel comfortable in a big, open concept salon and want a stylist who truly gets their fine hair. ATX is actually an entirely new level of luxury that looks completely different than my home salon experience ;) (it is so exclusive that the details are super hush hush. If you are interested in an ATX appointment, select the Austin Experience on the application form when you fill it out and I will go over all the details during our consultation call!)


When I am not working behind the chair, I can typically be found curled up on my couch at home working from my laptop. Along with being a salon owner and fine hair extension specialist, I am also a Business & Mindset Coach. I help service providers stop doing all the things and niche down to become the expert in their craft… AND get down to the root of what is really keeping them from hitting their next level. 


Outside of business you can find me spending time with my family and traveling. I keep my circle super small and protect my energy fiercely… and I lead my sisterhood to do the same. Speaking of sisterhood… I am the oldest of three girls. Nessa (the middle sis) and I are literal besties and spend as much time together as possible. Karis (the youngest sis) and I are actually ten years apart! Fun Fact: I basically raised her while my Mom was going through nursing school, so Karis is 100% my mini me and I have already done the parenting thing. I am married to my best friend Ben. (who is basically a copy/paste of Nessa) We have been married for 8 years now and I am dead serious when I say that he is always planning our next vacation. When we were planning our trip to Thailand a few years ago I had to listen to him practice speaking Thai every single day for a whole year, LOL! We have two rescue fur babies: Widdle and Ahsoka. They absolutely love it when I work from home and take full advantage of the extra cuddle time. Expect to be greeted by Ahsoka when you arrive at Urban Collective for your appointment! 


If you are busting at the seams and ready to get started working with me, fill out the new client application form and I will reach out to you within a couple days to schedule your consultation. If you have any additional questions, please check the application form first! I answer most common questions inside the form so that you don’t have to wait around on a response from me. If your question was not answered by any of that info, go ahead and shoot me an email: kim@urbancollectivetx.com.


I can’t wait to meet you Babe! 


Chat soon,